Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions, contact us here.

WHAT IS The Song Factory?

The Song Factory is a collaboration of musicians, writers, and audio professionals that is the internet's best source for custom-made music and song. We've created songs for weddings, love letters, birthdays, and just-for-fun days. We've even written music for corporate leadership retreats!


WHAT ARE the basics?

Like the tag line says: Words and Music, Made to Order™. Sometimes you just want to give someone a special gift. Alternatively, sometimes you just want to enhance an event -- any kind of event -- with some music, or perhaps a song written just for the occasion. Basically, you want to make someone, or something, feel special. So you call us.


HOW DO I begin?

AND WHAT happens then?

It all begins with a phone call, or an e-mail. A good place to start is on our Contact Us page.

Once we’re in touch, the hard part's over, but not the work. Whether we meet at a local coffee shop or pizzeria, talk on the phone, or even just communicate via e-mail, we'll ask you questions -- LOTS of questions -- about the type of event, the people involved, and the type of music you may be looking for. The more information you can provide us at this stage, the better we'll be able to create the perfect song or music for you. Remember: the whole point of this exercise is that it should be about YOU. This is the hard work that makes the magic happen, to find out just what you want your song to say. Sometimes, clients know exactly what they want, and can make it clear with a minimum of fuss; but sometimes, you know you want something great, but you're not sure exactly WHAT. Don't worry; we'll figure it out. But be aware that it takes time -- question-and-answer time.

Then, based on our discussions, we will create a draft of the song -- a 'demo'. The demo will represent the essential nature of the song, and if you like the demo, as we're sure you will, we will complete the production.


HOW MUCH does it cost?

Every creation is different, and HOW it's different will determine the precise cost. Typically, how quickly together we can clarify what the song is to be about determines whether it will cost more, or less -- and that's, in part, based upon your input, as described above.


WHAT IF I don't like the song?

Since our clients are entirely engaged with us in the guidance and creation of the song from its inception, this is highly unlikely, and has rarely happened -- it's a joint creation, after all!


Your Satisfaction:

We really mean it: Words and Music, Made to Order™. We will work with you to help you figure out what music you like, what you want to hear, and what you want to say with the music. This is what we do. Once we've figured that out with you, it'll be up to The Song Factory to make music and song of the highest quality for you to enjoy, or to mark your special occasion.

Our Customer Service is a point of pride. You can call us at 201-529-2190, chat with us via e-mail, or you can simply explore our site and order online.

We believe each of our efforts, along with the cumulative effect of working together with our clients, results in a great experience and full satisfaction.

We are The Song Factory: Words and Music, Made to Order™.