What we do is create music and song, customized to your wishes: Words and Music, Made to Order

We have been writing, performing and recording music for ourselves and others for many years. Now, through The Song Factory and the magic of the internet, we're bringing this art to you.

We have a catalog of songs which can be purchased as-is, without customization, and for many this can be the perfect choice.

But where we really shine is when we create a new song, custom-tailored for you or for the event you have in mind.

Some clients want a very personal gift, and some want a song to mark a memorable event -- a wedding, a confirmation, a bar-mitzvah, or a special birthday -- anything! Once we figure out, together, what it is you want, then we record a production to your wishes, and it's yours to enjoy, to keep, to play -- FOREVER!

And of course if you're working with other professionals, say, a DJ, or a wedding band, we'll also work with them to put the song into whatever format might be needed, whether it goes into a video, performed live at an event, or simply enjoyed intimately between you and your family.